Friendships in GTA IV

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This article refers to maintaining major friendships in GTA IV. For the minor characters Niko meets in the street, see Random Characters

After performing so many missions for specific characters, eventually they will become Niko Bellic's friend. After becoming friends, the player may engage in specific activities with that character, including bowling, going to a strip club, and going for a Pißwasser beer. From that point onward, the player may either call their friend on Niko's Cell Phone or send emails to hang out. Hanging out with friends is a fun way to work on relationships with certain characters so that eventually their "friend benefits" are unlocked. Niko can also increase his friendships through certain storyline missions.



Like girlfriends in previous GTA games, friends provide special benefits if you get "like" up to 80%. After that, you will get a call announcing that you have unlocked their ability. You can lose these benefits if they fall below 80%; when you raise the level again, you will get a text message.

Note: Sometimes a friend's benefit will not be available, due to excessive use or being blocked during certain missions.

  • Little Jacob - Drives to a secluded location near the player; his car's trunk is full of guns to purchase at a discount (60% off). Niko can do this during a mission. The best times to call for activities are between 1pm - 4am.
  • Roman Bellic- Sends a cab to pick Niko up and take him anywhere for free (albeit at the driver's annoyance). Following Roman's Sorrow, this benefit will be unavailable for several missions (as his depot has been burned down). The car service will be avaliable after completion of the mission Blow Your Cover, when Roman buys a new fleet of cabs. After Mallorie calls to report Roman missing, Niko cannot hang out with him until he rescues Roman in "Hostile Negotiation".
  • Brucie Kibbutz - Picks Niko up with his helicopter, and transports him to designated landing zones around the city (Niko will have to meet him at these points, also). The best times to call for activities are between 7am - 1am.
  • Dwayne Forge - Sends a car with two armed men who will follow and help Niko in combat. In order to unlock his friendship, the player must allow him to live in The Holland Play, and later respond positively to an e-mail he will send (some time after this he will invite Niko out). The best times to call for activities are between 11am - 3am. Sparing Dwayne also allows use of Playboy X's loft apartment, including its pool table.
  • Patrick McReary - Supplies Niko with a car bomb which can be placed under any car and detonated using Niko's phone. The best times to call for activities are between 3pm - 6am.