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Slogan: “Live high, live through, live Zaibatsu...”

Intro: “It’s brutal, and inexcuseble: Dean France, life, from rehab.”

Dean France: “Er... This is me, Dean France, at Futuro FM, The hot-spot on your dail. We got the Top 100 coming up. And a free Futuro FM T-shirt for who-ever calls in at number 50, the first one to call.”


Dean France: “So I was driving to work, the other day. I decided I needed some smokes to get me through, you know. So I pull over, park the car, go in the store, come out A MINUTE LATER... The car is gone! Stolen! Fifth time this month! These people, these carthiefes, joyriders... I tell you, I wish they all had one big neck, so I could put my hands around it, and choke the living life out of all of them all at once! Hé, here’s a word from our sponsors...”

Orgasmobar reclame:

Vrouw: “Hmmm, cold, hard chocolate!”

Man: “Search after search of creamy caramel.”

Vrouw: “Melts in your mouth...”

Man: “...and in your hand..!”

Vrouw: “Orgasmo bars of forbidden chocolate sensation! Oh, it’s huge!”

Man: “Bite more of then you can chew!

Intro: “He’s been around for a few days, but he still plays some hits; Dean France”

Slogan: “The Zaibatsu Corporation are friends of the good times.”

Dean France: “Hé, kids and kiddies, remember: If you see that Zaibatsu Van driving around town today, call in and win yourself a couple of tickets to the ball game this weekend.”


Dean France: “Have you ever concidered death? I know I hadn’t untill a friend pointed out that it comes to us all. Now, we’ve got a competition in conjunction with our sponsors Zaibatsu. You could win yourself a five-star top-of-the-line-funeral! Absolutely free! No embaressed kids at the gravesite. Stay tuned after the news for details.”


Man: “And now: The News!”

Jill Tasker: “Hi, this is Jill Tasker, and I got your Entertainment News! Some of the biggest names in radio are heading for Largo this evening. Johnny Ricardo and Jenny Jo Style will be in attendence. We’ll have Celina Farence for details, right after this.”

Slogan: “Zaibatsu: helping you, to help yourself!”


Vrouw: “Polution is clouding over the city this evening, the CO-count is 12.1. This weather is brought to you by OxiPure; Please breath our world, not theirs.”

Man: “Ah, that’s better.”

Djinny reclame:

Man: “How you feeling? Not very happy? Stress and strain of everyday life grinding you down? Djinny’s a new herbal medicen from Krishna Medicen designed to aid you through everyday life. As an easy conversion to Krishna ways, Djinny can fulfill your lifetime wishes. For peace and unconditional love, straight from a bottle. Djinny: Why have three wishes when you only need one?”

Intro: “Here’s you Oz-DJ: Dean France”

Dean France: “I tell you... Cops... There everywhere these days... I-I-I can’t walk down the street without some-one asking me for my ID. Some man in blue telling me: “Who are you?!” I’m Dean France, I don’t need to show you my ID! I mean... Cops everywhere, but is there ever a cop when you need one? NO!!”


Dean France: “I tell you, I’m sitting in this, er... radiostation, in the booth here, i’m surrounded by, err, what? FIFTEEN OTHER PEOPLE?! Okay, but I am all alone. Is this a problem? Can somebody do something? That’s all I ask for, a little help! But no! It’s just me, in the booth...”