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[[Image:Idaho (GTA3) (front).jpg|thumb|right|250px|An Idaho in GTA III.]]
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The '''Idaho''' is a coupe featured in [[Grand Theft Auto III]], [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]], [[Grand Theft Auto Advance]], [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]] and [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]].
Depicted as a large, two-door 1970s coupe with a soft-top, the Idaho's styling contains elements of a fourth generation [[wikipedia:Buick Riviera|Buick Riviera]] but the front is closer to a 1975/'76 Chevy Caprice (with added turning signals). The GTA Advance rendition is depicted with a dimension dissimilar to that of other Idaho's, with a shorter front end and a smoother front profile, but retaining a different top color. Due to its heavy build and soft suspension, the Idaho lacks serious performance credentials, with poor speed and steering.
The Idaho has looked virtually the same in most game it has appeared in, with noticeable tweaks and changes in minor details, mainly on its wheels and windscreens. The GTA Vice City rendition, in particular, received better detailing, but the game's rendition was not carried over to GTA Vice City Stories, as it has been for most other vehicles from GTA Vice City. Instead, GTA Vice City Stories reuses GTA III's or GTA Liberty City Stories' rendition of the Idaho.
'''GTA III'''
*The [[Supa Save!]] in [[Portland View]], [[Portland Island]].
*The [[Old School Hall]] in [[Chinatown, Liberty City|Chinatown]], Portland Island.
*Parking lot next to the [[Liberty City Memorial Stadium]] in [[Belleville Park]], [[Staunton Island]].
*[[Kenji's Casino]] in [[Torrington]], Staunton Island.
'''GTA Vice City'''
*Is seen driving around or parked in [[Downtown Vice City]].
*Car park, [[North Point Mall]] in [[Vice Point]].
'''GTA Liberty City Stories'''
*In an alleyway south of the [[Staunton Island Safehouse (GTA LCS)|Staunton Island Safehouse]], south-west of [[Pay 'n' Spray]] in [[Newport]], Staunton Island.
*In the [[Newport Multistory Car Park]] in Newport, Staunton Island.
*Parking lot of the [[Liberty Tree]] offices in [[Bedford Point]], Staunton Island.
*[[Big Shot Casino]] in Torrington, Staunton Island.
*Eastern housing project in [[Wichita Gardens]], [[Shoreside Vale]].
*Western housing project in Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale.
'''GTA Vice City Stories'''
*In front of all protection racket businesses.
*Occasionally found in parking lot of [[North Point Mall|Vice Point Mall]] in Vice Point.
*During development of GTA III, the Idaho was named the "Hachura". Furthermore, the rusty/burned out car wrecks that can be seen in most of the [[GTA III Era]] games use the same model as the beta version of the GTA III Idaho.
Image:Idaho (GTA3) (rear).jpg|An Idaho in GTA III; rear view.
Image:Idaho (GTAVC) (front).jpg|An Idaho in GTA Vice City.
Image:Idaho (GTAVC) (rear).jpg|An Idaho in GTA Vice City; rear view.
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