Gambetti Family

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Gambetti Family
Type: Italian-American Mafia Family
Enemies: Korean Mob; Russian Mafia
Vehicles: Black PMP 600s with mesh grills and spoilers; black Sentinels with sun louvers on the rear windows
Weapons: Knife, Pistol, Uzi
Fronts: Unions, Construction
Members: Jon Gravelli, Salvatore Bottino, Rosario Zito

The Gambetti Family is one of the five families of Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV, led by Jon Gravelli since 1978. The Gambettis are part of the Liberty City Cosa Nostra "Commission" and, along with the Pavano Family, are the most powerful of Liberty City's Mafia.

Reputed Members and Associates

  • Salvatore Bottino, 43, aka "Sammy", believed to be Gravelli's right hand man, wanted for racketeering.
  • Rosario Zito, 35, aka "Roy", Gravelli's top advisor since Bottino went into hiding.
  • Jon Gravelli, Jr., 40, former associate. He's been disowned after he developed a cocaine addiction. According to the LCPD database, he is in custody.
  • Sonny Cangelosi,former Boss of the Gambetti Family untill his death in 1978.