Gambling Den

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The gambling den and its interior in GTA IV.

The gambling den is a dilapidated hardware store (dubbed "Discount Hardware" in-game) in Grand Theft Auto IV which serves as a front for backroom gaming, a frequent haunt for Roman Bellic.

Located on Dillon St, in Schottler, the store is Roman's favorite place for gambling. When Roman asks Niko to accompany him in a card game, his Albanian loan sharks appear and enter the store looking for Roman. He is found there too when Johnny Klebitz looks for Roman to kidnap him.


The only means of access in Grand Theft Auto IV, is the time in between "The Cousins Bellic" and "It's Your Call". It is accessible in "It's Your Call", though to do this the player would have to follow the Albanians in resulting in mission failure. It is accessible during multiplayer as with most interiors in GTA IV and its episodes.


  • During "It's Your Call" Roman escapes through the back door. This is strange as the interior does not have a second door.