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Gang Leaders are the leaders of gangs and appear as main, supporting and minor characters throughout the Grand Theft Auto series. Some gang leaders also have a specific name, such as with a Mafia family gang leader, who is referred to as the Don of the family. The gang leader is the man in charge of the gang and runs the gang on the advice of his advisor and high ranking gangsters, while ordering both them and the gangs regular gangsters to do various jobs and missions. The gang leaders can also employ and rely upon associates to do their bidding or aid them.

Four protagonists in the Grand Theft Auto series have been shown to be gang leaders or co-leaders, namely Tommy Vercetti of the Vercetti Gang in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Carl Johnson of the Grove Street Families in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Victor Vance of the Vance Crime Family in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and Johnny Klebitz of The Lost Brotherhood in The Lost and Damned. In some of these games, the protagonist is able to recruit other gangsters to aid them.


List of Gang Leaders


Image/Name Role Gang Status
El Burro
Leader El Burro's Gang Can be killed
Uncle Fu
Leader Uncle Fu's Gang Alive
Brother Marcus
Leader Brotherhood of Jah Army of Love Alive
Robert Seragliano
Leader Vercotti Gang Alive
Sonetti Leader Sonetti's Gang Deceased
Don Traegeri Leader The Mob Deceased


Image/Name Role Gang Status
Billy Bob Bean
Leader Rednecks Deceased
Uno Carbine
Co-leader The Zaibatsu Corporation Deceased
Leader Loonies Deceased
Leader Russian Mafia Deceased
Dr. LaBrat
Leader Scientists Deceased
Leader Hare Krishna Deceased
Red Valdez
Co-leader The Zaibatsu Corporation Deceased
Trey Welsh
Co-leader The Zaibatsu Corporation Deceased
Johnny Zoo
Leader Yakuza Deceased


Image/Name Role Gang Status
Jizzy B.
Co-leader Loco Syndicate Deceased
Mitch Baker
Leader Bikers Alive (as of 1986)
El Burro
Leader Diablos Alive
(as of 2001)
Leader Colombian Cartel Deceased
King Courtney
Leader Uptown Yardies Alive
(as of 2001)
D-Ice Leader Red Jacks
Southside Hoods
(as of 2001)
Ricardo Diaz
Leader Diaz' Gang Deceased
Franco Forelli Don Forelli Family Unknown
Sonny Forelli
Don Forelli Family Deceased
Cedric Fotheringay
Leader Liberty City Bikers Deceased
Carl Johnson
Co-leader Grove Street Families Alive
(as of 1992)
Asuka Kasen

Yakuza Deceased
Kazuki Kasen
Leader Yakuza Deceased
Kenji Kasen
Co-leader Yakuza Deceased
Salvatore Leone
Don Leone Family Deceased
Uncle Leone
Don Sicilian Mafia Alive
(as of 1998)
Ran Fa Li

Shuk Foo
Red Gecko Tong

San Fierro Triads
(as of 1992)
Armando Mendez
Co-leader Mendez Cartel Deceased
Diego Mendez
Mendez Cartel Deceased
T-Bone Mendez

San Fierro Rifa

Loco Syndicate
Wu Zi Mu

Dai Dai Lo
Mountain Cloud Boys

San Fierro Triads
(as of 1992)
Auntie Poulet
Leader Haitians Alive
(as of 1986)
Umberto Robina
Leader Cubans/
Los Cabrones
(as of 1986)
Paulie Sindacco
Don Sindacco Family Deceased
The Snakehead
Leader Da Nang Boys Deceased
Grove Street Families Alive
(as of 1992)
Mike Toreno
Co-leader Loco Syndicate Alive
(as of 1992)
Victor Vance
Leader Vance Crime Family Deceased
Tommy Vercetti
Leader Vercetti Gang Alive
(as of 1986)
Cesar Vialpando
Leader Varrios Los Aztecas Alive
(as of 1992)
Marty Jay Williams
Leader Trailer Park Mafia Deceased


Image/Name Role Gang Status
Giovanni Ancelotti Don Ancelotti Family Alive
(as of 2008)
Lester Arnold Leader The Angels of Death Alive
(as of 2008)
Ray Bulgarin
Leader Bulgarin Family Deceased
Mikhail Faustin
Leader Faustin Family Deceased
Dwayne Forge
Leader North Holland Hustlers Can be killed
Jon Gravelli
Don Gambetti Family Deceased
Billy Grey
Leader The Lost Brotherhood Deceased
Hsin Jaoming
Leader Jaoming Family Alive
(as of 2008)
Johnny Klebitz
Leader The Lost Brotherhood Alive
(as of 2008)
Wu Lee
Leader Lee Family Deceased
Clarence Little
Leader East Holland Drug Gang Deceased
Vincent Lupisella Don Lupisella Family Alive
(as of 2008)
Real Badman
Leader Jamaicans Alive
(as of 2008)
Gerald McReary
Leader Irish Alive
(as of 2008)
Patrick McReary
Leader Irish Alive
(as of 2008)
Zhou Ming
Leader Ming Family Deceased
Harvey Noto Don Messina Family Alive
(as of 2008)
James Pegorino
Don Pegorino Family Deceased
Dardan Petrela
Leader Albanians Can be killed
Kenny Petrovic
Leader Petrovic Family Alive
(as of 2008)
Dimitri Rascalov
Leader Faustin Family Deceased
Isaac Roth
Leader Jewish Mob Deceased
Playboy X
Leader North Holland Hustlers Can be killed
Willy Valerio Leader Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers Alive
(as of 2008)
Mary Valvona Don Pavano Family Alive
(as of 2008)
Kim Young-Guk Leader Korean Mob Deceased

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