Gang Warfare in The Lost and Damned

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Gang Wars is a side mission in The Lost and Damned. To start a Gang War, the player must drive to a designated meeting point and then drive to the enemy's location. Clay, Terry, Jim and three non-storyline characters assist the player during a battle. Completing a Gang War earns money and raises toughness of surviving Lost MC members, and spawns weapons in Johnny's safehouses. Completing 25 Gang Wars raises the player's completion percentage.

Gang Wars enemies

Rewards for completing Gang Wars

Completing Gang Wars will reward Johnny with weapons which will spawn at either of his safehouses.

Gang War Variations

  • Hanging Out Wars: This gang warfare style is when a gang is situated in one location of the map and there approximately 20-30 enemies to gun down then has the capability to call for reinforcements. Either Clay Or Terry says this before Klebitz goes to the war ('"I have intel that they are hangin in our Very OWN Alderney") this means a Hanging out war.
  • Cruising Wars: This gang warfare style is when there are gang's on the move and waiting for a provoked attack (Lost MC attacks) there are many enemies in this style of warfare as they do call for more backup and more gang members spawn. Either Clay Or Terry states ("They are just Cruisin and shit") this means that this war is a Cruising War.
  • Transporation Wars: This style of gang war requires Klebitz to chase down and destroy the main enemy vehicle without it getting away. In this gang war there are also many enemies trying to protect a vehicle at all cost that they even call for more backup. Either Terry or Clay says ("They are doing a Little Escort Work Last Time I Heard") this means that this mission is a Transporation War.

By completing an increasing number of Gang Wars, the number of enemies you have to fight increases, and their weapons get stronger as well. You will have to develop different strategies to beat these missions.

For Hanging Out Wars and Cruising Wars, try a hit-and-run-strategy. Some enemies will follow you to an ambush. Return to the remaining foes afterwards.

For Transportation Wars, you should hit the target vehicle as quick and hard as you can with a Sawn-off Shotgun. Shoot the driver to stop the vehicle, then shoot at the vehicle until it starts burning and disappear.

Gang Vehicles Used In Gang Wars

Members of the Lost MC

There are 24 members of Lost Brotherhood that can join Johnny's formation in Gang Wars, other than the usually present Jim Fitzgerald, Clay Simons, and Terry Thorpe. Each new member (up to three) rides on the backs of Jim, Clay, and Terry and aid the group in killing enemies. Each can be toughened up to increase their AI and upgrade their weapons, but each can also be killed in every gang warfare event. Once one dies, the next member takes his place.

Here are their names: Nick, Wayne, Earl, Horse, Buck, Dogg, Hank, Hal, Willy, Frank, Pat, Bruce, Tug, Leon, Chuck, Dick, Brett, Hamm, Monty, Spike, Conan, Petey, Glenn, Shawn.


  • Malc, during the mission "Heavy Toll", mentioned, that the war between The Lost and AOD is very similar to warfare in Los Santos. It could be an easter egg, because there are only two games in GTA series, which have the warfare system, and those are TLAD and GTA San Andreas.

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