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Gangs are often a key part in the stories of the Grand Theft Auto games, commonly, the protagonist will work for, or against, them at certain points in the storyline. They are often quite aggressive and will most likely attack the player if they use a weapon and/or attack them first. Gang's can also offer assistance during some missions, especially in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Notice all gangs in the series allow only one or two ethnicites. This doesn't mean that the gangs are racist or xenophobic to others just for their background. A good example would be Packie McReary (Irish American) in GTA IV and how he works with Niko Bellic (Yugoslavian).

Italian-American Gangs

Ancelotti Family IV
Members: Giovanni Ancelotti (Don), Charles Matteo¹ (Underboss), Anthony Spoleto¹ (Tony Black) (Caporegime) Frank Garone¹ (Caporegime), Rocco Pelosi (Enforcer), and Vince (Enforcer).
Associates: Gracie Ancelotti, Anthony Prince.
Territory: Algonquin and Alderney, Liberty City
Fronts: Fruit Markets, Algonquin Night Clubs and Waste Management.
Forelli Family III
Members: Franco Forelli² (Don), Giorgio Forelli², Sonny Forelli¹, Mike Forelli¹,Lou Bricant, Tommy Vercetti, Harry¹ and Lee¹.
Associates: Ken Rosenberg, Lance Vance¹ and Roger C. Hole¹.
Territory: Saint Mark's, Fort Staunton and Newport, all in Liberty City
Fronts: Caligula's Casino and Marco's Bistro.
Gambetti Family IV
Members: Jon Gravelli¹ (Don), Roy Zito (Acting Underboss) and Sammy Botino (Official Underboss in hiding)
Associates: Jon Gravelli, Jr..
Territory: Broker, Dukes, and Algonquin, Liberty City
Fronts: Construction, and Labor Unions.
Leone Family III
Members: Salvatore Leone¹ (Don), Joey Leone, Toni Cipriani, Luigi Goterelli, Mickey Hamfists, Mike, Vincenzo Cilli¹,Lou Scannon .
Associates: 8-Ball, Carl Johnson, Joseph Daniel O'Toole¹, Claude, Maria Latore², Donald Love, Giovanni Casa¹, Ma Cipriani, Curly Bob¹, Jane Hopper, Ken Rosenberg, Leon McAffrey¹, Miles O'Donovan, Misty, Mona Lott, Raven and Ray.
Territory: Saint Mark's, Harwood and Red Light District, Liberty City
Fronts: Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club, Caligula's Casino, Cipriani's Restaurante, Luigi's Sex Club 7 and Joey's Garage.
Lupisella Family IV
Members: Vincent Lupisella (Acting Don), Mark Lupisella (Official Don), Moe Schwartz (Consigliere) and Sonny Honorato.
Territory: Algonquin and Bohan, Liberty City
Messina Family IV
Members: Harvey Noto (Don), Harry Hall (Consigliere), Mark Volpe¹, Fredo Volpe, Jimmy Capra.
Associates: Jon Gravelli¹.

Territory: Algonquin and Dukes, Liberty City

Fronts: Construction and Labor Unions

Pavano Family IV
Members: Maria Valvona (Don), Arthur Zepulla (Consigliere), Joe Corrola and Mario Venturella.
Associates: North Holland Hustlers
Territory: Algonquin and Alderney, Liberty City
Fronts: Auto Eroticar.
Pegorino Family IV
Members: James Pegorino¹ (Don), Phil Bell, Ray Boccino¹, Anthony Corrado¹, Marco Bonnaro¹, Peter Marchetti¹.
Associates: Frank Gallo², John Barbosa¹, Joseph DiLeo¹, Luca Silvestri¹, Gerald McReary, Patrick McReary, Wade "The Fixer" Johnson, Niko Bellic.

Territory: Alderney

Fronts: Waste Management, Honkers, Drusilla's .

Sicilian Mob LCS
Members: Uncle Leone (Don) ,Rico Garlik and Massimo Torini¹.
Associates: Franco Forelli², Paulie Sindacco¹ and Salvatore Leone¹.
Territory: Sicily, Italy.
Sindacco Family SA
Members: Paulie Sindacco¹ (Don), Johnny Sindacco¹, Joseph Daniel O'Toole¹, Mickey¹, Lance Urwell and Bobby.
Associates: Ken Rosenberg and Salvatore Leone¹ .
Territory: Red Light District, Chinatown and Torrington, Liberty City
Fronts: Caligula's Palace, Big Shot Casino, The Doll House and Paulie's Revue Bar.
Vercetti Gang VC
Members: Tommy Vercetti (Boss), Ken Rosenberg, Lance Vance¹, Mario and Mike.
Associates: Avery Carrington¹, Cam Jones², Candy Suxxx (Candice Shand), Delores, Earnest Kelly, Hilary King¹, Kent Paul, Maude Hanson, Mercedes Cortez, Mitch Baker, Phil Cassidy, Steve Scott and Umberto Robina.
Territory: Vice City
Fronts: InterGlobal Films, Vice City Boatyard, Print Works, Sunshine Autos, Kaufman Cabs, Malibu Club, Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory and Pole Position.

African-American Gangs

Ballas SA
Members: Kane¹ and Little Weasel¹.
Associates: Ryder (Lance Wilson)¹, Big Smoke (Melvin Harris)¹, B-Dup (Mark Wayne), Frank Tenpenny¹ and Eddie Pulaski¹.
Territory: Idlewood³, East Los Santos³, Jefferson³, Willowfield³, Glen Park³, Verona Beach³ and Ganton³, all in Los Santos.
Fronts: Big Smoke's Crack Palace.
East Holland Drug Crew IV
Members: Clarence Little¹ (Boss). Territory: Projects in East Holland, Algonquin, Liberty City.
Grove Street Families SA
Members: Sweet Johnson (Boss), Carl Johnson (Underboss), Big Smoke¹, Ryder¹, OG Loc, B-Dup, Big Bear, Emmet, LB, Little Devil¹, Big Devil¹ and Tony¹.
Affiliations: Beverly Johnson¹, Brian Johnson¹, Kendl Johnson, Cesar Vialpando, Dwaine, Jethro, Ken Rosenberg, Kent Paul, Maccer, Madd Dogg, The Truth, Wu Zi Mu, Zero, Varrios Los Aztecas and San Fierro Triads.
Territory: Ganton³, Idlewood³, Temple³, Playa del Seville³, Santa Maria Beach³, Verona Beach³, East Los Santos³, Las Colinas³, East Beach³, Glen Park³, Willowfield³, Jefferson³ and Los Flores³, all in Los Santos, and Bayside Marina³.
Fronts: Doherty Garage, Emmet's, Four Dragons Casino, Zero RC, Verdant Meadows and Wang Cars.
North Holland Hustlers/M.O.B. IV
Members: Dwayne Forge², Playboy X², Jermaine Andrews, Jayvon Simson¹ and Marlon Bridges¹.
Affiliations: Niko Bellic and Elizabeta Torres.
Territory: Firefly Projects, Broker; North Holland, Algonquin; and Acter, Alderney.
Fronts: Pay 'n' Spray in Hove Beach.
Southside Hoods III
Members: D-Ice (co-leader).
Affiliations: Claude and Toni Cipriani.
Territory: Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City.
Uptown Riders TLAD
Members: Malc, DeSean.
Affiliations: Johnny Klebitz, Jim Fitzgerald, Elizabeta Torres.
Territory: Northwood.

East Asian Gangs

Algonquin Triads IV
Members: Hsin Jaoming, Wu Lee¹, Zhou Ming¹, Huang Lee and Chan Jaoming¹. Territory: Chinatown, Liberty City.
Fronts: Sum Yung Gai Restaurant.
Da Nang Boys SA
Members: The Snakehead¹ (Boss). Territory: Easter Basin, San Fierro.
Jaoming Family IV
Members: Hsin Jaoming (Boss) and Chan Jaoming¹. Territory: Chinatown, Liberty City.
Korean Mob IV
Members: Kim Young-Guk¹.
Associates: Derrick McReary² and Algonquin Triads.
Territory: Alderney City, Alderney.
Fronts: Mr. Fuk's Rice Box.
Lee Family IV
Members: Wu Lee¹ (Boss), Huang Lee, Ling¹.
Associates: Wade Heston.
Territory: Chinatown, Liberty City.
Liberty City Triads III
Members: Lee Chong¹,Hung Lo,The Wong Brothers² and Mr. Wong.
Associates: Massimo Torini¹.
Territory: Chinatown, Liberty City.
Fronts: Mr. Wong's Laundrette, Turtle Head Fishing Co. and Belly-Up Fish & Seafood Processing Plant.
Ming Family IV
Members: Zhou Ming¹ (Boss). Territory: Chinatown, Liberty City.
San Fierro Triads SA
Members: Ran Fa Li, Wu Zi Mu, Guppy, Su Xi Mu, Little Lion¹.
Associates: Carl Johnson.
Territory: Chinatown and Calton Heights, both in San Fierro.
Fronts: Wu Zi Mu's Betting Shop and Four Dragons Casino.
Vice City Triads VC
Members: Dick Tanner

Territory: Vice Beach, Viceport, Vice City.

Fronts: DBP Security

Yakuza 2
GTA 2: Johnny Zoo¹, Gama Rei, Hiroshi, Refried Noodle, Doctor ZitZaki, Danny Zoo, Hana Funabashi, Yonsi Zoo San and Tetsuo.
GTA III Era: Kazuki Kasen¹, Asuka Kasen¹, Kenji Kasen¹, Toshiko Kasen¹, Yamazaki, Yuka and Kanbu.
GTA 2: Claude Speed.
GTA III Era: Ray Machowski, Claude, Maria Latore² and Mike.
GTA 2: Funabashi, Shiroto and Ukita in the Downtown District, Anywhere City.
GTA III Era: Belleville Park³, Aspatria³, Torrington, Fort Staunton, Liberty Campus, Bedford Point, Pike Creek³ and west Wichita Gardens³, Liberty City.
GTA 2: Hochi-ban Bar.
GTA III Era: Kenji's Casino, Big Shot Casino and Sushi Restaurants.

Hispanic Gangs

Cholos VCS
Members: Decjuan DeMarco. Territory: Little Haiti³, Vice City.
Fronts: Warehouse Factory.
Colombian Cartel III
Members: Cisco¹ (Boss), Catalina¹ (Boss), Miguel¹, Curly Bob
Associates: Mike, Avery Carrington¹, Donald Love, Claude.
Territory: Fort Staunton, Aspatria, Cedar Grove and Francis International Airport³.
Fronts: Panlantic Construction Company.
Costa Rican Gang VC
Members: Unknown. Territory: Unknown.
Diablos 1
Members: El Burro (Boss), Julio, Monolito, Paulo, Ricardo, Alve, Paco, Pepe, Jorge, Jose, Pedro, Alfonso, Rodrigo and Cruz Vormen.
Associates: Claude.
Territory: Hepburn Heights, Liberty City, San Andreas.
Diaz's Gang VC
Members: Ricardo Diaz¹ (Boss), Beau Nurr and Mike.
Associates: Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance¹.
Territory: Diaz's Mansion, Vice City.
Gonzales Syndicate VCS
Members: Gonzales¹ (Boss).
Associates: Victor Vance¹.
Territory: Vice City.
Leftwood Hispanic Street Gang IV
Members: Unknown. Territory: Leftwood, Liberty City.
Los Cabrones/Cubans VC
Members: Umberto Robina (Boss), Alberto Robina, Rico, Pepe, Carlos², Fernandez², Hilberto², Joaquin Noff, Juan² and Ronaldo².
Associates: Tommy Vercetti, Victor Vance¹, Leo Teal.
Territory: Little Havana, Vice City.
Fronts: Café Robina.
Los Santos Vagos SA
Members: Big Poppa¹ and Freddy¹.
Associates: Big Smoke¹.
Territory: East Beach³, Las Colinas³, Los Flores³, El Corona³ and Little Mexico³, all in Los Santos, and Bayside Marina³.
Mendez Cartel VCS
Members: Armando Mendez¹ (co-leader), Diego Mendez¹ (co-leader), Des Buratto, Fidel Sistaxez and Hugo Zehr.
Associates: Lance Vance¹ and Victor Vance¹.
Territory: Prawn Island³, Vice City.
Fronts: Mendez Mansion.
Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers IV
Members: Willy Valerio (co-leader), Teddy Benavidez¹ (co-leader), Alonso Gomez², Oscar Gomez and Luis Fernando Lopez.
Associates: Anthony Prince and Ray Boccino¹.
Territory: Northwood, Liberty City.
San Fierro Rifa SA
Members: T-Bone Mendez¹ (Boss).
Associates: Mike Toreno and Jizzy B.¹.
Territory: Doherty, King's, Garcia and Battery Point, all in San Fierro.
Fronts: Yay Factory.
South Bohan Drug Crew IV
Members: Elizabeta Torres (Boss), Andreas, Marta.
Associates: Patrick McReary, Playboy X², Niko Bellic and Johnny Klebitz.
Territory: South Bohan, Liberty City.
Spanish Lords IV
Members: Lyle Rivas¹, Javier Trunchez¹, Jose Trunchez¹ and Jesus Trunchez¹. Territory: South Bohan, East Holland and Cerveza Heights, all in Liberty City.
Varrios Los Aztecas SA
Members: Cesar Vialpando (Boss), Jose, Gal, Hazer² and Sunny.
Associates: Carl Johnson, Sweet Johnson, Kendl Johnson.
Territory: El Corona³ and Little Mexico³, Los Santos.

European Gangs

Albanians IV
Members: Dardan Petrela¹, Kalem Vulaj¹ and Bledar Morina¹. Territory: Bohan, Liberty City.
Faustin Family IV
Members: Mikhail Faustin¹ (Boss), Dimitri Rascalov¹, Vladimir Glebov¹, Ivan Bytchkov², Andrei Utraniyev¹ and Sergei¹.
Associates: Niko Bellic, Roman Bellic² and Rodislav Bulgarin¹.
Territory: Areas of Broker and Dukes, Liberty City.
Petrovic Family IV
Members: Kenny Petrovic (Boss) and Lenny Petrovic¹
Associates: Dimitri Rascalov¹.
Territory: Areas of Broker and Dukes, Liberty City.
Russian Mafia 2
GTA 2: Jerkov¹ (Boss), Bilovski¹, Ivan, Uncle Vanka and Ziggy Pole.
GTA San Andreas: Unknown.
GTA IV: Mikhail Faustin¹, Dimitri Rascalov¹, Konstantin Petrovic, Lenny Petrovic¹, Rodislav Bulgarin¹, Vladimir Glebov¹, Andrei Utraniyev¹, Sergei¹ and Ivan Bytchkov².
GTA 2: Claude Speed.
GTA San Andreas: Big Smoke¹.
GTA IV: Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic².
GTA 2: Areas of the Industrial District of Anywhere City.
GTA San Andreas: Unknown.
GTA IV: Areas of Dukes and Broker, Liberty City.

Afro-Caribbean gangs

Haitians VC
Members: Auntie Poulet (Boss).
Associates: Tommy Vercetti.
Territory: Little Haiti, Vice City.
Fronts: Haitian Drugs Factory.
Jamaican Posse/Hillside Posse IV
Members: Real Badman (Boss) and Little Jacob.
Associates: Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic².
Territory: Schottler, Liberty City.
Fronts: Homebrew Café.
The Brotherhood of Jah Army of Love 1
Members: Brother Marcus, Brother Aerol¹, Brother Davey, Brother Eck, Brother Granpaw, Brother Hen, Brother Horace, Brother Joe, Brother Leroy¹, Brother Maelcum, Brother Paw, Brother Soapy, Brother Wullie, Brother Zachary, Sister Bairn, Sister Daphne, Sister Maggie and Sister Maw.
Associates: Protagonist of GTA 1.
Territory: Areas of Vice City.
Uptown Yardies III
Members: King Courtney (Boss), Queen Lizzy, Busta Moves and Rudyard.
Associates: Claude, Mike and Toni Cipriani.
Territory: Newport, Liberty City.

Caucasian/Irish American Gangs

Liberty City Bikers LCS
Members: Cedric Fotheringay¹, Phil DeGirth, Ed Banger.
Associates: Maria Latore².
Territory: Chinatown.
McReary Mob IV
Members: Gerald McReary (Boss), Patrick McReary, Derrick McReary, Gordon Sargent, Michael Keane¹, Bucky Sligo¹ and Aiden O'Malley¹.
Associates: Kate McReary², Maureen McReary and Francis McReary², Niko Bellic, Elizabeta Torres, Pegorino Family and Kim Young-Guk¹.
Territory: Steinway, Liberty City.
The Angels of Death IV
Members: Lester Arnold (Boss), Joseph Johnson and Albert Lawson.
Associates: Lee Leroc and Hsin Jaoming.
Territory: BOABO and Beechwood City, Liberty City.
The Lost Brotherhood IV
Members: Billy Grey¹ (President), Johnny Klebitz (Vice President), Jim Fitzgerald¹, Brian Jeremy¹, Terry Thorpe, Jason Michaels¹, Clay Simmons and Angus.
Associates: Ashley Butler, Uptown Riders, Thomas Stubs III, Ray Boccino¹, and Elizabeta Torres.
Territory: Acter and Berchem, Alderney.
Fronts: Clubhouse.
Trailer Park Mafia VCS
Members: Marty Jay Williams¹ (Boss) and Troy.
Associates: Louise Cassidy-Williams¹, Phil Cassidy and Victor Vance¹.
Territory: Trailer Park in Little Havana, Vice City.
Fronts: Stonewall J's.
Vice City Bikers VC
Members: Mitch Baker (Boss), Cougar,Harris Mint and Zeppelin.
Associates: Tommy Vercetti.
Territory: Downtown, Vice City.
Fronts: The Greasy Chopper.
White Stallionz VC
Members: Gabe Hiker. Territory: White Stallionz Bar in Little Haiti, Vice City.
Fronts: White Stallionz Bar.

Other Gangs


¹ Indicates that this character dies.
² Indicates that this character may die.
³ Indicates that this territory changes during the course of the game/games.

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In GTA IV's multiplayer races, the player cannot select gang colors for any of the cars they are able to select.