Garden Shed

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The Garden Shed is a compact 4-door car in Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 and Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961.


The Garden Shed is based on a Citroën 2CV, and as such, is depicted with a compact, simple design and is generally longer in length than the Bug or the Fat. The car also features a canvas top, similar to the design of a soft-top 2CV.

Being a more utilitarian vehicle, the car's performance is predictably underwhelming and thus is very unpractical for use in missions. While lighter than average, the car's maximum speed and acceleration are poor, its braking is below average, and its grip on the road is abysmal. The car also soaks up 40% less damage than most vehicles in the game, and has only a base value of £100 (in mint condition) when exported.

The Garden Shed's name is likely a reference to a nickname referring to the car's uselessness (being more suited for use as a garden shed instead a mode of transport).