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The Blue Ghawar is a Ghawar private jet. It is featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony, but the player is not able to drive it.

Bulgarin's Blue Ghawar

The Blue Ghawar was a private jet owned by Ray Bulgarin and featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony in the mission, Departure Time. Ray attempted to flee Liberty City along with three goons in this jet whilst Luis Lopez was destroying his heroin shipment in Funland. Timur was left behind and killed by Luis at Funland, who then went after the jet with Yusuf Amir's help. Ray was executed by Luis onboard the jet, causing a live grenade Ray was holding to detonate, tearing off the cockpit. Luis managed to escape to safety whilst the jet plunged into the sea.


The Ghawar (presumably manufactured by the same company as the Shamal) is an unusual design. The tail is a "T-tail" type which is in itself unremarkable. It is, rather the single engine design that is unique, as all business jets of the size are dual (or triple, as in the case of the Dassault Falcon) engined for both performance and reliability. While it may be a new design, it is more likely that the GTA team simply lacks knowledge abut aerospace design. Regardless, the aircraft is not of the Shamal family as previously stated.