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File:Ghost (GTA3) (front).jpg
The Ghost, as depicted in the PC version of GTA III.

The Ghost or Ghost Missing is a modified variant of the Predator police boat in Grand Theft Auto III.


While largely similar to the Predator, the Ghost noticeably lacks the Predator's twin machine gun emplacements but outperforms the Predator in speed and turning. The boat is known to vary between that depicted in the PlayStation 2 version and those in the PC and Xbox versions. For the former, the boat's name is depicted as "GHOST missing" and is entirely blue, while the latter's name is shortened as "Ghost" and is entirely black.

The boat appears only during the mission "Gone Fishing", in which the player is tasked to kill a target at sea, who attempts to escape using the boat. However, if the player chases the boat long enough, the boat will run ashore from which Claude can kill him. If the player does this they can shove the boat back into the water and drive it.