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Glen Park is a district slightly to the north-east of the city centre of Los Santos. Glen Park is controlled by the Ballas gang in the early part of 1992, and is close to another Ballas controlled district: Jefferson. There are two known residents: Mark "B-Dup" Wayne and Barry "Big Bear" Thorne who moved to Glen Park from Ganton. Little Weasel, a Ballas gang member, may also live in Glen Park.

Events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Glen Park in the early part of 1992 is controlled by the Ballas, although they eventually lose the area to the Grove Street Families (during the mission Doberman). However, the district falls back into the hands of the Ballas gang, when Carl Johnson and Sean "Sweet" Johnson lose influence over the Grove Street Families. Glen Park, depending on the choice of the player, can once again become a district controlled by the Grove Street Families.



  • 1 hour Photo
  • Bike Park
  • Chef Ming's
  • Lavanderia
  • Optica
  • optometrist
  • Securos De Auto
  • The Bahamas Apts

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