Going Deep

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Going Deep is a mission in the downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV, The Ballad of Gay Tony. It is the first mission given to the protagonist Luis Fernando Lopez by Ray Bulgarin.


In this mission, Luis Fernando Lopez must silence some crooked investigators of Marki Ashvilli's who have got some evidence against Rodislav Bulgarin and Timur, that could send them to jail. The paid-off group on NOOSE, FIB, and Liberty City Police Department officers plan on raiding Bulgarin's car and planting evidence to use against him. Bulgarin wants to take the initiative and kill of all Ashvilli's private agents before they can get to him.


Drive to the designated underground parking garage and place a sticky bomb on Ray's car. Try to get the bomb on the front grill of the Landstalker, to attain the Bomb Hidden requirement for the 100%. To take out more NOOSE officers, place sticky bombs on the neighboring cars (but not too close to where Bulgarin is crouching). Soon after you take your place in front of Ray, the NOOSE show up. detonate the bomb when the first officer gets close to Ray's car. Sadly, more waves of NOOSE officers come in at the sound of the explosion. Body armor is a must with these heavily armed officers, and the M249 or the Assault SMG are good weapons to have for headshots. Remember- if the battle gets too overwhelming, and you're low on health, there are Sprunk and eCola machines near the back of the garage. Go to these to replenish your health. Once the officers are dead, get out of there and lose some corrupt NOOSE men (this can be easy if you have a fast car). Now drop off Bulgarin and Timur at their house in Meadows Park.

Mission Requirements

Time: 6:30
Player Damage: 50%
Headshots: 20
Accuracy: 70%
Vehicles Destroyed: 5
Bomb Hidden
Sticky Bomb Carnage




  • Before placing the sticky bomb next to the Landstalker, put two at either side of the arrow road marking behind it. Detinate them as soon as the NOOSE van and Buffalo are behind the Landstalker. This means you will not have to fight the first batch.
  • The sticky bomb that was put next to the Landstalker was made to not make a bleeping noise