Gonzalez' Crew

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Gonzalez' Crew
Games: GTA Vice City Stories
Leader: Gonzalez
Type: Drug Cartel
Enemies: Diaz' Gang
Affiliations: Cortez Crew
Diaz' Gang
Vehicles: Sentinel
Weapons: AR-15
Businesses: Drug dealing

Gonzalez's Crew are led by Gonzalez and are involved in Drug Running, Reni Wassulmaier introduces Vic Vance to Gonzalez and Vic then flies Gonzalez's helicopter to protect his boat, then Gonzalez invites Vic to a game of golf and later invites Vic to his hotel to task Vic with a drug deal. Ricardo Diaz later sends Victor and Lance Vance to steal some drugs of Gonzalez and bring it to his mansion. Gonzalez later sends his men to ambush the Diaz Cartel's Deal with the DEA, but thanks to Vic Vance, Gonzalez's Crew were unsuccessful. It is unknown what happens to Gonzalez's Crew after this. Most likely they disbanded once Gonzalez began working for Diaz and rejoined with Colonel Juan Cortez. It is assumed Gonzalez recieved protection from the Diaz Gang in 1986 shown in the mission Treacherous Swine, where Gonzalez is killed by Tommy Vercetti.