Gordon Sargent

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Gordon Sargent

Gordon Sargent is a member of the McReary Mob. Often working with Packie McReary and Michael Keane. He frequents several bookmakers, often using the money he earns from criminal activities to pay them.

Sargent accompanied McReary, Keane and Niko Bellic to an Ancelotti waste management plant at Colony Island, shooting their way in and successfully stealing the Ancelotti's payment. Sargent and Keane provided covering fire as McReary and Bellic made their escape.

Later on, Sargent assisted with the 'storage' of the kidnapped Mob daughter, Gracie Ancelotti, who was snatched by Bellic. Sargent stayed holed up with Ancelotti for a time, until the Ancelotti's made a deal to trade her for the diamonds stolen from the Libertonian Museum deal by the Lost.