Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
GTA Chinatown Wars Boxart
DevelopersRockstar Leeds and Rockstar North
PublishersRockstar Games
Cyberfront (Japan)
Release date

Nintendo DS
United States 17th March 2009
Europe 20th March 2009

United States 20th October 2009
Europe 23rd October 2009

PlatformsNintendo DS
PlayStation Portable
Apple iPhone OS
ProtagonistHuang Lee
LocationLiberty City

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is a Rockstar Leeds game planned for the Nintendo DS, to be released in March 2009 since it was delayed from Winter 2008. The game will be set in Liberty City, but focused on the city district of Chinatown. It has been revealed the game will be set in the GTA IV rendition of Liberty City. The city will be recreated for the small screen in a relatively faithful transition. The main difference between the version of Liberty City in GTA IV and in Chinatown Wars will be the omission of Alderney.

"This is a game that will deliver a rich, fast-paced and intense 'Grand Theft Auto' experience that will be truly unique to Nintendo's handheld platform," said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. "Rockstar Leeds, along with the team at Rockstar North, has built upon a decade of progressive design on Grand Theft Auto, and has created something fundamentally fresh and immersive."

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is an entirely original entry into the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto series, and brings a new level of interactivity to its sprawling open environments. With the use of the DS touch screen, players will navigate their way through the streets as they uncover the truth behind an epic tale of crime and corruption within the Triad crime syndicate, delivering the unprecedented amount of depth that has become a true trademark of the franchise.

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