Grand Theft Auto (mission)

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Grand Theft Auto (Mission)

Grand Theft Auto
Game: Grand Theft Auto III
Mission boss: Kenji Kasen
Start location: Kenji's Casino
Reward: $25,000

Grand Theft Auto is a mission in the game GTA III given by Kenji Kasen.


For this mission you've got a time limit of six minutes.

Steal as fast as possible the following cars;

* Stinger (in the courtyard parking lot behind (south) of the Liberty Tree office building in Bedford Point),
* Cheetah (in the eastern parking lot of the Carson General Hospital in Rockford),
* Infernus (in the parking lot to the south of the Liberty City Memorial Stadium in Aspatria)

Take them to the garage behind the multi-store car park in Newport next to Pay 'N' Spray. To collect the second and third sports car take the Blista which is located in an open garage of the backyard to the north of the drive which leads to the Pay 'N' Spray. The cars have to be in best condition to be accepted. If the car is trashed, drive quickly to the paint shop to get a repair.

Mission Script

Kenji: It is impossible to over-estimate the importance of etiquette in this line of work. To my eternal shame, a man once did me a favor and I've never had the opportunity to repay his kindness. The man's weakness is motor cars and he has requested that we acquire him certain models for his collection. Needless to say, we must give him the cars as a gift, to repay the dept that I owe him. You must obtain the cars on this list and deliver them to a garage behind the car park in Newport. My honour demands it.

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