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Grand Theft Auto Online (GTAO or GTA O) is an online multiplayer universe for the GTA series. It will launch on 1 October 2013 and will be included with retail copies of Grand Theft Auto V. GTAO will be a dynamic and constantly growing world, as it will continue to expand as content is added either by Rockstar or GTAO players.

For the first time in an online mode, GTAO will include missions and story-based gameplay like the offline game does. Online players will have the ability to save money, cars, and properties, as well as customizing their look and vehicles. More options become accessible as the storyline advances and as cash is acquired. It is essentially a GTA MMORPG, though groups of players are limited to just 16. It appears that characters from GTA V, such as Lamar, will appear in GTAO missions.

Official Gameplay Video