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Grand Theft Auto V
GTA V box art
DevelopersRockstar North
PublishersRockstar Games
PlatformsPlayStation 3
Xbox 360
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release dates

Xbox 360 - 17 September, 2013
PS3 - 17 September, 2013
Xbox One - 18 November 2014
PlayStation 4 - 18 November 2014
PC - 27 January 2015

LocationLos Santos, State of San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V or GTA 5) is an upcoming video game created by Rockstar Games. It will be the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, after GTA IV and Episodes from Liberty City.

The game is set in modern day Los Santos and Blaine County, San Andreas and its surrounding countryside. Although it was originally going to be released in spring 2013, Rockstar has confirmed the official release date to be 17 September 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.[1] A PC version has not been confirmed, however Rockstar has stated that "everything is up for consideration"[2].

For full details on the announcement, buildup, hype and leaks of GTA V, see History of GTA V.


Grand Theft Auto series
chronology of events

2D Universe
GTA 1 Era

1961London 1961
1969London 1969

3D Universe

1984GTA Vice City Stories
1986GTA Vice City
1992GTA San Andreas

2D Universe
GTA 1 Era

1997Grand Theft Auto 1

3D Universe

1998GTA Liberty City Stories

2D Universe
GTA 2 Era

1999GTA 2

3D Universe

2000GTA Advance

HD Universe

2008GTA IV

The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony

2009GTA Chinatown Wars


2013GTA Online
2013GTA V


There are three separate protagonists: Michael, Trevor Phillips and Franklin. Dan Houser stated in an interview that one of the protagonists will be the antagonist. Rockstar have said that this would be Trevor, as he is psychopathic and a hothead, qualities he displays in the second trailer. Also, Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies told OXM that "not all protagonists will be playable from the start" of the game, according to MTV.

At any time outside a mission (and in some missions that feature several of them), you can switch between these characters. When not being controlled, they will continue with their lives, so switching to them will put in you whatever situation they are currently in. These three protagonists will have overlapping storylines and will affect each other.

Storyline missions and some hobbies and side-missions will only be available to the specific character. But most side-missions and random encounters will be available to any. Character customisation will be similar, if not identical, to GTA: San Andreas', with each character having a range of tattoos, hairstyles and clothes to purchase. Different body masses such as Fat and Muscle however, will not be returning due to the complex personalities of the protagonists. The Stats system from San Andreas will also be making a return, with each character having a particular knack for certain stats such as driving or flying. The three characters have their own unique special abilities that can be used during gameplay, such as slowing down time when driving or shooting.

Image Name Description
Michael De Santa Michael De Santa Michael is a retired bank robber, living under the protection of the FIB witness protection program. With his money running out, he is being drawn back into a life of crime.
Trevor Phillips Trevor Philips Trevor is an emotionally unstable, sociopathic career criminal, suffering from drug addiction. He has previously worked with Michael in various heists, and has prior experience as a military pilot, allowing him to operate aircraft.
Franklin Clinton Franklin Clinton Franklin is "fit and fashion conscious", working for an Armenian luxury car dealer, repossessing cars of those who default on their payments. He is starting to work his way up in the criminal world.

Rockstar have confirmed that, as GTA V is part of the HD Universe (GTA IV Era onwards), certain characters from GTA IV and its episodes will return, but not major ones like Niko Bellic.

Los Santos

Like Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV, Los Santos and the surrounding areas have been completely remade on a much larger and more detailed scale than in GTA San Andreas.

The world will be bigger than the total size of the worlds from GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption, and GTA San Andreas combined.

Unusually, the entire map will be open to the player right from the start of the game, like in GTA Chinatown Wars, rather than being restricted to a small corner or island until the game permits you to continue. This is in keeping with GTA V's philosophy of letting the player do whatever you want to do, rather than being forced to do certain things at a certain time in a certain way. Each playable character lives in a different area, which will help players explore several areas of the map at once.

Named locations include: Vinewood, Little Seoul, Los Puerta Freeway, Vespucci Beach, Downtown, Del Perro Freeway, East Los Santos and Los Santos Bay. There is also expansive countryside including Mount Chiliad, a military base and coastline.

Notably, the game will continue to display distant mountains and buildings from the entire map, even many miles away. This is in contrast to GTA IV where only 1.5 kilometers (roughly 1 mile) of distance is rendered, and buildings suddenly appear when the player gets close. Now, even lights on buildings and streetlights from the opposite side of the map will be visible when high enough up, creating a much greater sense of the massive scale.


In addition to the multiple protagonists, GTA V will bring many new (and returning) features:

  • Planes will return, and as Trevor Phillips is a former military pilot, he can fly them from the start of the game
  • Also known to be in the game will be: bicycles, helicopters, airships/blimps, trucks, jetskis, convertible cars and freight trains
  • Aircraft and exotic cars will be available from the start, but they will be challenging to obtain
  • GTA V has the most vehicles out of any game in the series. This may be a mixture of vehicles from Grand Theft Auto IV and many new vehicles
  • Vehicles in GTA V will be customisable on a similar level to Midnight Club LA's: body kits, paint jobs/finishes, wheels, exhaust tips, window tints, tire smoke color, bull-bars, extra lights, brakes, engine tuning, suspension, horns, bulletproof tires, and panel armour. More aftermarket parts are unlocked as the player completes racing side missions. Rockstar have said that are are around 9,000 different customisation options for vehicles
  • Customising vehicles will play an integral part in some of the game's missions. Players will sometimes be required or advised to improve the performance of their vehicles or add certain parts (such as panel armour)[3]
  • License plates will also be customisable

  • Weapons can be customised with extended magazines, grips, paintjobs, stocks, flashlights, scopes, laser sights, and suppressors
  • There are several modern-day or updated weapons in the game, including the IMI Tavor TAR-21, a Ruger MP-9, AK-47 and Mossberg 500
  • Weapons will not be discarded after running out of ammunition, likely due to the aforementioned weapons customisation
  • Weapon selection is now handled through a weapons wheel instead of scrolling through each weapons class

Game world
  • The entire map will be open from the very start of the game
  • The map is bigger than the total size of the worlds from GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption, and GTA San Andreas combined
  • The map is not a copy of that of GTA San Andreas, but a brand new city designed around LA, with some names reused from San Andreas
  • The map contains the city of Los Santos plus masses of countryside including Mount Chiliad, a vast desert, forests, beaches and many communities
  • The entire map will be visible from anywhere, instead of only rendering short distances, so even mountains and building lights from the far side of the map will be visible
  • The city and surrounding areas appear to be thick with smog during late evening time
  • Mines and wind turbines appear in the landscape
  • There is a fully-operational golf course
  • The ocean floor can be fully explored, with this comes the addition of wearable scuba gear and drivable submarines
  • There will also be shipwrecks containing money and useful items
  • Wildlife and animals will appear for the first time; confirmed animals include dogs, cougars, deer, sharks and eels
  • Players can purchase houses, garages, marinas, helipads, and businesses to increase cash flow
  • Some specialty properties must be owned before purchasing certain types of transportation: the player will need to purchase a helipad before purchasing a helicopter, or a marina before purchasing a vessel
  • Purchasing certain properties will give the player additional perks: owning a taxi business will give the player free cab rides
  • Though likely expected, trailers and promotional screenshots confirm the presence of strip clubs

  • There are 3 playable characters (protagonists) - Michael, Trevor Phillips and Franklin, and the player can jump into another character at any time
  • Each protagonist will have his own storyline, and will continue his life in the background when not being controlled
  • Some characters from the GTA IV Era will appear in the game, but not protagonists such as Niko Bellic
  • Random Characters will appear in random places, with the player having the option to interact with them to start a side-mission
  • The Lost Brotherhood will be returning as seen in the 'Trevor' trailer: in the second trailer, a group of Lost MC members are seen chasing and shooting at protagonist Trevor Phillips as he escapes in a plane, while in the Trevor trailer, a Lost MC logo was on a character's jacket
  • Players can hire people of varying abilities (and costs) to assist with missions; as hirelings go on more missions with players, their stats will increase, along with their cut of the spoils
  • Each of the three characters has his own unique bank account: money earned while playing as Trevor will not be available to Michael and Franklin

Grand Theft Auto Online
  • To allow players to experience the story and become familiar with the game's mechanics, GTA Online (the online multiplayer of GTA V) is unavailable until October 1st, two weeks after the game's launch.
  • GTA Online is a story-driven experience that intertwines with the singleplayer story. The player-created character is new to Los Santos and wishes to make it big. Through the player's actions, he/she will rise up the criminal ladder and meet several characters from the singleplayer story, such as Lamar, who will give them missions.
  • Completing matches and missions earns the player money, which can be spent on customising their character's appearance, weapons and vehicles.
  • Players can also spend money on a customizable apartment for their character, and a garage in which they can store and customize up to 10 vehicles.
  • Banks and stores throughout the world can be robbed by the player. Teaming up with others makes pulling off the heists easier, however there is a chance that a member of the team may run off with the take, making trust a vital part in planning.
  • During a heist, Grand Theft Auto Online uses a voice recognition system. If one or more players yell commands at the bank staff such as "faster!", the moneybag will be filled faster than usual, allowing for a quicker getaway.
  • Money earned during gameplay is not safe until it is put into the player character's bank account. If killed, the money will be dropped and can be stolen by others.
  • Players can insure their vehicles so that if they are destroyed, lost or stolen, they are replaced free of charge. The cost of insurance depends on the the vehicle's class, which in turn is determined by its performance and modifications.
  • Crews will be carried over from Max Payne 3 into Grand Theft Auto Online.[4]

Official Information

In November 2011, Rockstar announced GTA V with the first trailer.

From autumn 2012 through present time, Rockstar released a range of screenshots and artworks from GTA V.

In October 2012, retail posters and displays were leaked showing a release date of Spring 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This was confirmed by a Facebook post from Rockstar

On 5 November 2012, Rockstar announced that GTA V is available to be pre ordered and released a "Beach Weather" PC wallpaper. Later that day they announced that a 2nd trailer will be shown on 14 Nov 12. This second trailer was set to be released 2 Nov 12, the one-year anniversary of the first trailer, but Hurricane Sandy left Rockstar's New York offices without power and unable to release the trailer.

On 8 November 2012, GameInformer released a 23-page feature on GTA V, revealing masses of information including the three protagonists, the scale of the Los Santos map, and some hints into the feature changes. See /Game Informer for more information.

On 31 January 2013, Rockstar announced[5] the official release date of the game to be 17 September, 2013, despite earlier claims that the game would be released in spring 2013. A PC date is not yet known.

On 30 April 2013, Rockstar released three new trailers, focusing on the three protagonists.

On 2 May 2013, Rockstar announced that several gaming sites worldwide had received hands-on demos and as of this day, Rockstar were allowing them to recount and analyze their experiences publicly.

On 2 July 2013, Rockstar answered several gamers' questions through a news article. In this article, they confirmed the following:

  • The ability to switch to any protagonist at any time when not in a mission, as well as missions that involve multiple protagonists
  • Using one protagonist to "kill" another would result similarly to a protagonist "dying" in previous GTA games (they don't actually die, they just end up in the hospital fully recovered)
  • All editions of the game will include a double-sided map of Los Santos
  • Both weapons and cars will be "very customizable"
  • The Xbox 360 version will be 2 discs, with Disc 1 being a first-time install-only disc and Disc 2 being the gameplay disc, while the PlayStation 3 version will be one disc and will automatically install the same way the Xbox 360 version does, both requiring 8GB of space
  • A gameplay trailer and information on Grand Theft Auto Online will be coming soon; Rockstar will not confirm nor deny a PC version as well as next gen versions
  • There will be new and stronger anti-cheating measures online
  • Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gameplay will be identical
  • There will not be another delay and the 17 September release date still stands

On 9 July 2013, Rockstar released the first official gameplay video for Grand Theft Auto V.


There are two special editions of GTA V available, with extra items in the box and giving extra benefits in-game.

Pre-orders,of these two-editions also gain access to the Atomic Blimp.

Special Edition

Special Edition

The Special Edition contains a full retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V plus:

  • Collectible SteelBook with Exclusive Artwork
    This special SteelBook features double-sided, never-before-seen artwork of Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Custom color and metallic treatments bring out the detail of the artwork created exclusively for this SteelBook.
  • Blueprint Map
    This exclusive, additional 21.5” x 26.75” map displays a blueprint view of Los Santos and Blaine County. Cryptic markings indicate locations for fast cash and other points of interest for the up-and-coming entrepreneur.
  • Special Ability Boost
    Michael, Franklin and Trevor each have a unique special ability. With this boost, the special ability bar will generate 25% faster.
  • Stunt Plane Trials
    Single player Stunt Plane Trials let you take on additional aerial challenges spread throughout Los Santos and Blaine County.
  • Bonus Outfits, Tattoos and More
    Michael, Franklin and Trevor get bonus outfits in their wardrobes, character specific tattoos at tattoo parlours, and special deals from shopkeepers across Los Santos and Blaine County.
  • Additional Weapons
    When visiting Ammunation stores in single player, merchants will have special weapons in their inventory available for free: the Pistol .50, Bullpup Shotgun and melee Hammer.

Collector's Edition

Collector's Edition

The Collectors Edition contains all the benefits of the Special Edition, plus:

  • Grand Theft Auto V Security Deposit Bag with Logo Key
    Inspired by the heists in Grand Theft Auto V, this custom 10.75” x 8.5” money bag features a pop-up style lock and laser cut logo key to secure important items. The reverse side features a pressed Rockstar Games logo on the security mount with a framed ID window.
  • Grand Theft Auto V New Era 9FIFTY™ Snapback Cap
    This exclusive New Era 9FIFTY™ cap features an embroidered Los Santos logo on the front, a stitched, black Rockstar Games logo on the wearer’s left side, a Grand Theft Auto ‘V’ logo applique on the opposite side, and snapback closure for an adjustable fit.
  • Custom Characters for Grand Theft Auto Online
    Get classic Grand Theft Auto characters to use within the Grand Theft Auto Online Character Creation System.
  • Unique Vehicles and Garage Property
    Players will instantly receive a garage to store custom vehicles. In single player, the garage will be stocked with the 1930’s style Hotknife hotrod and the CarbonRS sports bike. In Grand Theft Auto Online, players will get the high-end Khamelion electric car.

The Grand Theft Auto V Collector’s Edition comes packaged in a premium outer box featuring a foil embossed Grand Theft Auto V logo on the top, finished with a matte, scuff-resistant film lamination, housing all of the contents.


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For all GTA V screenshots, see: Category:Screenshots of GTA V

Trailer 1

Promotional screenshots

Game Informer Screenshots

Trailer 2


Hints and Speculation about GTA V

Prior to the official announcements, trailers and magazine features of Grand Theft Auto V, a large number of possible clues had been found in previous GTA games and elsewhere to indicate what may have been the setting and content of GTA V. Fans also made a number of educated guesses, and many rumours circulated the Internet. See Speculation of GTA V for a detailed list.

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