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Grand Theft Auto V (5) will be a new edition to the GTA series. According to Rockstar Games, it is set to be released sometime in either fall of 2010 or in late 2011. Although the year of release is still yet unconfirmed. It seems a story for GTA V is already in mind. The setting of GTA V is also unconfirmed. But Liberty City will not be a setting, as it was already used a few times. It is believed that it will named GTA V, although it could be named another title. Many fans also believed that Vice City will be the setting of GTA V, however this hasn't been confirmed by Rockstar yet.

   But on page thirteen of the Episodes from liberty citie guide book, there's a teaser that shows a broken heart made of the GTA IV box art and says  "Liberty City, It's Over!" followed by "Next Stop..." and a small torn area that shows a small section of a mountain range. As Florida has no mountains,and Liberty city is not going to be used, The only logical place that has been used before is San Andreas.