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Grand Theft Auto 5 (abbreviated to GTA 5 or GTA V) is the logical name given by fans to the expected next game in the Grand Theft Auto series.

This game is not confirmed to exist. Its title, release date and content have not been announced. It has been rumored heavily that Grand Theft Auto 5 is already in development, however this also has not been confirmed.

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Hints and guesses about GTA 5

  • On page thirteen of the Episodes from Liberty City guide book, there's a teaser that shows a broken heart made of the GTA IV box art and says "Liberty City, It's Over!" followed by "Next Stop..." and a small torn area that shows another poster behind, later revealed to be an advert for Mollis.[1] The torn area has been noted as being in the shape of France. It also says in the right lower corner in a red box "Opens March Everywhere".
  • Another possible teaser is seen at the end of The Ballad of Gay Tony, when supporting character Patrick McReary is shown taking a flight to an unknown location, with fandom speculaing the location GTA 5. With Packie's family have Irish heritage, fans claim the possibility of Ireland being the setting for GTA 5. It has been debated among skeptical fans of the series if it will be set in the present day following Packie, or during The Troubles following Derrick or Gerald during their service in the Provisional IRA. Either would be considered sectarian and therefore unlikely, as the story would focus around dissidence and republicanism.[2]
  • According to reports, Rockstar Games recently registered new website domains that sound like they could belong to GTA 5's in-game Internet, assuming the game inherits the feature from GTA IV. The domains are:,,,, and[3]
  • In 2010, Rockstar Games said that 2011 will be a "non-GTA-year"(?). Despite no confirmation, this has led many to believe that the next GTA game will be released in 2012.
  • Although Take Two Interactive have not officially confirmed a release date, a respected gaming analyst claimed that GTA V will most likely not be released until the fiscal year April 2012 - March 2013.[6]