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GTA V logo

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V or possibly GTA Five) is the next game in the Grand Theft Auto series, created by Rockstar Games.

On 25 October 2011, Rockstar Games has announced a trailer for Grand Theft Auto V due to be released on 2nd November 2011.[1] No details about the game are known yet.

Official Information about GTA V

A US 5 dollar note from 1899, part of which is used in the GTA V logo
  • The teaser image shown on the Rockstar Games website on 25 October 2011 shows a "V" logo with "FIVE" written over it. This is the same motif as used on some US 5 dollar notes from around 1900. This could represent a game surrounding money, bank heists, casinos or even the financial crisis.

Hints and guesses about GTA V

File:Liberty City its all over.jpg
The Liberty City, It's Over! poster, a possible teaser on Grand Theft Auto V.
Niko Bellic's Air Sol ticket to San Andreas.

A number of possible clues have been found in previous GTA games and elsewhere to indicate what may be the setting and content of GTA V. Fans have also made a number of educated guesses.

  • Gaming blog Kotaku quoted a source "familiar with" GTA V stating that the game will be set in Los Angeles (which was previously featured as Los Santos in GTA San Andreas, and also in Rockstar's crime-solving game LA Noire) and would have multiple playable characters (just as TLAD and BOGT brought new characters and stories to the game).
  • On page thirteen of the Episodes from Liberty City guide book, there's a teaser that shows a broken heart made of the GTA IV box art and says "Liberty City, It's Over!" followed by "Next Stop..." and a small torn area that shows another poster behind, later revealed to be an advert for Mollis.[2] The torn area has been noted as being in the shape of France. It also says in the right lower corner in a red box "Opens March Everywhere".
  • Another possible teaser is seen at the end of The Ballad of Gay Tony, when supporting character Patrick McReary is shown taking a flight to an unknown location, with fandom speculaing the location GTA 5. With Packie's family have Irish heritage, fans claim the possibility of Ireland being the setting for GTA 5. It was where Derrick was during his service in the Provisional IRA. Either would be considered sectarian and therefore unlikely, as the story would focus around dissidence and republicanism.[3]
  • According to reports, Rockstar Games recently registered new website domains that sound like they could belong to GTA 5's in-game Internet, assuming the game inherits the feature from GTA IV. The domains are:,,,, and[4]
  • In July 2010, The Examiner commented on Rockstar researching in Los Angeles and the Hollywood area (serving as the basis for Los Santos and Vinewood in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and both mentioned in GTA IV) and said that GTA V may be announced next year at a Max Payne 3 event.[5] However, this was more than likely for L.A. Noire, a mystery game that takes place in Los Angeles.
  • Take-Two Interactive revealed they are expecting at least $2.00 per share for the first quarter of fiscal year 2012. The last time this happened was during the release of GTA IV, which reached $2.08 per share. Income only reached $1.06 per share during the release of Red Dead Redemption, and is projected to only reach $0.35 for the current fiscal year. It is expected that only a GTA game is able to bring this level of success to T2, which implies one must be planned for release in fiscal year 2012.

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