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The Grand Theft Auto World is a fictional world of consisting of fictional places such as, Liberty City, Vice City, Carcer City, San Andreas and other ficional areas.

  • Liberty City

Liberty City is primarily depicted as a large City with a sizable population (4 million in the Grand Theft Auto 3 rendition), featuring a complete transportation infastructure of roads and Railways, and is located on a geographical configuration of shorelines and islands, similar to That of New York City. The city has been described as one suffering from crime and corruption, With the presence of organized crime, feuding street gangs, Petty criminals, And rampant misconduct among city officials and law enforcement. Parts of Liberty City have also suffered Major damage and loss from bombings, Which are being orchestrated by local criminals. Some of These damages, However, Have been repaired or resulted in complete redevelopment of an entire Area. The city has been voted WORST PLACE IN AMERICA.