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This Layout Guide is an official guide as to how an in-universe article should be structured. Feel free to discuss the Layout Guide on the talk page.

Main article

  • official and canonical information only
  • NO Infinities or non-canon information (unless the entire article is devoted to an Infinities or non-canon subject)
  • NO speculation, not even an author's speculation


  • used when an article is too vague or brief, AND when there is clearly more information that can be added

Behind the scenes (notice the capitalization)

  • portrayal information (for characters appearing in games, cartoons)
  • origin of subject - subject's first appearance, who was responsible for creating and/or naming the subject, how the subject came about, was it based on anything, who did the concept art, etc.
  • retcon information - how (if) subject's story has been changed in a retcon
  • any related Infinities or non-canon information
  • contradictions - point out if one official source contradicts another, and which (if any) is accepted as canon
  • speculation - only included if the speculation is WIDELY believed by fans, or any speculation made by authors


  • Bulleted list of games, magna, and cartoons that the subject has appeared in
  • These are de facto references or sources, but they are listed separately because they are in-universe
  • Should be sorted in order of In-universe chronology


  • Bulleted list of Reference books, Roleplaying books, webites, game strategy guides
  • Includes even the smallest mentions
  • Should be sorted by date of publication

Notes and references

  • List of sources for information in the "Behind the scenes" section.
  • Items are added to the list by placing <ref>Source goes here</ref> after the information tidbit in question.
  • To get the references to show up in this section, insert the following code:
<div class="references-small">

See also

  • links to related topics not already linked in article

External links

  • It's called "External links" even if there is currently only one link
  • Links to other unofficial sources, e.g. fan sites


  • Every article should have at least one category
  • Categories should be listed in alphabetical order
  • People should be categorized by their last name (if available)
  • Articles beginning with an article ("a," "an," or "the") should be categorized by the first significant word; for example, [[Category:Characters|Johnson, Carl]].