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Administrators, either Bureaucrats or Sysops, are users with the ability to manage Grand Theft Wiki moreso than logged in or IP-based users.

There are two levels of administrator on Grand Theft Wiki. Sysops are effectively Moderators with extra control over articles. Bureaucrats have a deeper level of control over users, and are the top authority here.


Sysops, are users who have access to technical features that help with maintenance. Those include protecting and deleting pages, blocking other Editors, and undoing these actions as well.


Bureaucrats are users with the additional technical ability to promote other users to administrator or bureaucrat status, grant and revoke a user's bot status and rename user accounts.

List of Administrators

No other users have any administrative privileges. If any other users say they do, they are lying. Anybody that really does will be listed here.

Promotion to Administrator

The Bureaucrats (listed above) have full power in deciding who is to be an Administrator.

If you think somebody should be an Administrator, or if you would like to be yourself, please discuss on the talk page. Add {{protect}} to their User Page to be listed for consideration.

Please view Category:Promote to see who has been nominated for promotion to Administrator, and Discuss to voice your opinions. Don't forget to sign your name (~~~~).