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Consistency means doing things the same way. This is important on a wiki, as repeated methods make it easy to find and do things.

The biggest concern surrounding consistency here is the use of game names in page titles.

For example, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the full name of the game, so absolutely must be used on that page. However, on pages about that game, do we really need to use the full title. Page titles like List of Missions in Grand Theft Auto:Vice City are cumbersome to read and to type. Shortened titles like Missions in GTA Vice City are easier in both of those respects.

There are many choices of title for that page, for example:

  • Missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City <-- Wikipedia version
  • Missions in GTA: Vice City
  • Missions in GTA:Vice City
  • Missions in GTA Vice City <-- Current GTW version
  • Missions in GTA VC
  • Missions in GTA: VC
  • Missions in GTA:VC
  • Missions in GTAVC
  • Missions in VC
  • Missions in Vice City <-- refers to the city, not the game, so could be VCS and GTAVC
  • Missions in Vice City (game) <-- Wikipedia sometimes does this

Sites like Wikipedia use the long "correct" titles, but pages like List of characters in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories really do look silly.

Notice that Wikipedia say "List of" at the start of the title - that is something that we do not do here on Grand Theft Wiki.

So which should we use? This is something that needs to be debated here on the discussion page.