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Isn't it CC-BY-SA?

Dear Grand Theft Wiki community,

On the Copyright page, it says:

You may use content on Grand Theft Wiki for research purposes. This includes looking up information for yourself, and looking up information to be used on other websites.
However, if you wish to copy content directly from Grand Theft Wiki to another website, you should ask permission first, on the Copyright discussion page.

As I understand, practically all Wikia sites are under a CC-BY-SA license. (See Wikia:Licensing. This is what it says in the footer of the site, and under the wiki edit box as well. However, the above passage is very much against the CC license.

Please, give me feedback and/or revise the content of the Copyright page. Mind, this also affects my decision on whether to contribute to the wiki or not.

--Mondotta 23:57, November 4, 2009 (UTC)