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Gravestones in GTA Liberty City Stories

In the cathedral garden on Staunton Island, in the game Liberty City Stories, you can find several gravestones in the cemetery. There are some without any text or markings, but on some you can see the names of people you have killed and comments. The people on the gravestones and their comments are:

Dan Sucho - Dead and what not...

Roger C. Hole - Running for office in heaven

Giovanni Casa - Gone...

Vincenzo Cilli - Not so lucky after all

Joseph Daniel O'Toole - Sleeping with angels

Cedric "Wayne" Fotheringay - (nothing)

Paulie Sindacco - Viva Las Venturas Baby

Both Roger C. Hole and Paulie Sindacco have very special gravestones. They are big and shiny, with gold and beautiful shapings.

Missing People

There seems to be some people missing. Avery Carrington and Ned burner are missing, along with Toshiko Kasen, DB-P, Black Lightman, Massimo Torini, Kazuki Kasen and Faith W.. It is unknown why they are missing, and some people claim that its because of these people were dumped, eaten or blown to pieces. But Giovanni and JD were both dumped or eaten, and there are gravestones for them.