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Grotti logo

Grotti is a luxury-sports car manufacturer featured in the GTA series based on the real-world Italian automotive company Ferrari S.p.A. Throughout the series, the company features the Turismo, the Cheetah, and the Jetmax. Grotti has dealers in Rodeo, Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and in Algonquin, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV. Breaking into a Turismo in Grotti's Algonquin showroom (GTA IV) will give the player one wanted star.

Grotti in Italian means coves, or sea inlets, but is presumably a play on the English word grotty, meaning seedy. Grotti's logo caricatures Ferrari's prancing horse. In GTA San Andreas the logo has a prancing rabbit/hare and in GTA IV the logo has a horse sitting down.


Vehicle Style Based on Appears in Variants
Turismo Supercar Ferrari 360 Modena Yes Yes Yes TBD
Jetmax Speedboat Unknown Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cheetah Supercar Enzo Ferrari/Agera No No No Yes
Carbonizzare Supercar Nissan GTR No No No Yes

Dealership locations

GTA San Andreas



  • If you bring in a vehicle or use a cheat to spawn a vehicle on the top floor and attempt to drive it, you will receive a wanted level.
  • The Grotti dealership in Middle Park East on Bismarck Ave resembles the New York City Ferrari/Maserati showroom in the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Park Avenue.
  • The Middle Park East dealership is possibly unique of all businesses in the GTA family in that it appears to operate on regular business hours; during daytime, the doors are unlocked and there are customers mulling about inside. At night, the doors are locked and the place is deserted. (This differs from virtually every other accessible business in the Grand Theft Auto family that are open 24 hours a day.) Occasionally a glitch will occur in which a pedestrian will become trapped inside the closed dealership at night and unable to exit.
  • The company name could be a nod to John Gotti, a Mafia boss of the Gambino Crime Family.