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Grotti Automobile is a luxury-sports car manufacturer featured in the GTA series based on the real-world Italian automotive company Ferrari S.p.A. Throughout the series, the company features the Turismo, the Cheetah, and the Jetmax. Grotti has dealers in Rodeo, Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and in Algonquin, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV. For GTA: San Andreas, Grotti's line-up features the Ferrari F40-based Turismo and the Ferrari 512 TR-based Cheetah. In GTA IV, Grotti's offerings are the 360 Modena-based Turismo and an up-market go-fast boat, Jetmax. Breaking into a Turismo in Grotti's Algonquin showroom (IV) will give the player one wanted star.

'Grotti' in Italian means "coves", or sea inlets, but is presumably a play on the English word 'grotty', meaning 'seedy'. Grotti's logo caricatures Ferrari's; in GTA San Andreas, the galloping horse is replaced with a rabbit/hare and, in GTA IV, instead of a galloping horse, the logo depicts a horse sitting down.

Dealership location

GTA San Andreas




GTA San Andreas
Vehicle Style Based on (GTA III) Notes
Turismo Supercar Ferrari F40
Cheetah Supercar Ferrari 512 TR
Vehicle Style Based on (GTA IV) Notes
Turismo Supercar Ferrari 360 Modena
Jetmax Speedboat Unknown