Grove St

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The cul-de-sac of Grove St.
For the street in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, see Grove Street.

Grove St is a street in Davis, Los Santos with connections to Davis Ave and Brouge Ave. The street is under Ballas control with gang members easily visible wearing purple. The Los Santos River also runs parallel to the street. The street has twenty-two houses of which two are for sale and one for rent.

Events of HD Universe

Grove St was under the control of The Families until an unknown period of time when the Ballas took control. Franklin Clinton, Lamar Davis, Trevor Philips and Chop go to Grove St during the mission Hood Safari to purchase some drugs from a Ballas drug dealer. They are then ambushed by Ballas gang members after realising they were buying dry wall covered in a thin thin layer of cocaine. Franklin, Lamar and Trevor then kill a number of Ballas gang members before escaping via the Los Santos river while Chop runs away, eventually returning to Franklin's home.