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| [[Brickade]]
| [[Brickade]]
| Armoured truck
| Armoured truck
| [[wp:Kenworth|Kenworth T800]]
| Prosegur armored car
| No
| No
| No
| No

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HVY logo

HVY is a vehicle manufacturer in Grand Theft Auto IV that specializes in industrial vehicles. The company's name may be an abbreviation of heavy, possibly referring to the type of vehicles it manufactures.


Vehicle Style Based on Appears in Variants
Airtug[1] Luggage Tractor Unknown Yes Yes Yes TBD
Biff Large truck Kenworth T800 Yes Yes Yes TBD
Brickade Armoured truck Prosegur armored car No No Yes[2] TBD
Forklift Light forklift Hyster Forklift Truck Yes Yes Yes TBD
Ripley Airline pushback Unknown Yes Yes Yes TBD
Skylift[1] Heavy-lift helicopter S-64 Skycrane No No Yes TBD


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  2. Does not normally spawn. Make determined through police radio chatter.