Haitian Drugs Factory

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The factory after being blown up.

The Haitian Drugs Factory was a drugs processing plant operated by the Haitians, under the leadership of Auntie Poulet, and located in Little Haiti, Vice City. The factory appears and is destroyed in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The building also appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories but is not owned or controlled by the Haitians.

Events of GTA Vice City

The Haitians use the factory to manufacture and process drugs for sale across Vice City. Tommy Vercetti, the game's protagonist, first visits the factory along with Rico to steal a van, although the contents of the van are unknown. Vercetti later returns to the factory and, with Pepe, Rico, and other Cubans providing cover, plants three sets of explosives inside the factory building. The explosives detonate shortly after Vercetti and company get clear of the blast zone and building is destroyed. The destruction of the factory leads to Haitian leader Auntie Poulet phoning Vercetti and telling him that he and the Haitians are now enemies.


  • In GTA Vice City a minigun can be seen on top of a girder from the drug factory.
  • In GTA Vice City Stories a red balloon can be seen stuck on a ceiling.