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'''Hangman's NOOSE'''
'''Hangman's NOOSE'''

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Hangman's NOOSE

Hangman's NOOSE is a multiplayer game consisting of up to 4 people, and at lowest 2, defending Kenny Petrovic from the NOOSE. In this multiplayer game, the NOOSE will clearly be visible at the start of the match, but they continue to come in vans and from behind the jet if you continue to stay at the starting point. You make a minimum of $4500 if you complete Hangman's NOOSE on the Hard difficulty.


The objective of Hangman's NOOSE is to get Petrovic and all the players to the extraction point before Petrovic or all the players are killed. Each player has 3 - 5 lives, depending on the difficulty, before they are taken out of the game.


Four Players

Two players immediately start to shoot at the NOOSE officers while two others sprint to the baggage carrier to the east of the starting point. Once the two are on the baggage carrier, they must make their way to the helicopters on the other end of the runway. One player takes a helicopter to the extraction point and the other takes a helicopter to the other two players at the starting point. The player picking the other two players up must land in the yellow marker to trigger Petrovic's pickup. Petrovic should get in the chopper first while the other players defend him while he's running. Once Petrovic is in the chopper, let the other players get in the chopper and make your way to the extraction point.

Three Players or Less

One player grabs the baggage carrier and makes their way to the helicopters while the other two defend Petrovic. Once the player has the chopper, they take it back to the yellow marker and let Petrovic make his way to the chopper, as the other players defend him from gunfire. Once Petrovic is in, make your way to the extraction point.