Harman Hotel

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Harman Hotel
Game GTA 2
Type of business Hotel
Location(s) Altamount, Downtown District, Anywhere City
Mission appearance(s) Getta Isetta!

{{infobox business| |image = HarmanHotel-GTA2-exterior.jpg |size = 350x350px |game_1 = GTA 2 |name = Harman Hotel |type = [[:Category:Hotels|Hotel]] |owner = |location = [[Altamount]], [[Downtown District]], [[Anywhere City]] |affiliation = |missions = [[Getta Isetta!]] |employee = }} The '''Harman Hotel''' is a hotel in [[Altamount]] in the [[Downtown District]] of [[Anywhere City]]. The hotel appears in [[Getta Isetta!|one mission]] where [[Claude Speed]] has to collect weaponry left behind by [[Dodo (character)|Dodo]]. [[Category:Businesses in GTA 2]] [[Category:Hotels]] [[Type::Business| ]] [[Location::Altamount| ]]

The Harman Hotel is a hotel in Altamount in the Downtown District of Anywhere City. The hotel appears in one mission where Claude Speed has to collect weaponry left behind by Dodo.