Hashbury Safehouse

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File:Hashbury Safehouse.jpg
The Hashbury Safehouse
Name: Hashbury Safehouse
Price: $40,000
City: San Fierro
Location: The southeastern corner of Hashbury, San Fierro; at the back of a large alleyway, between two flights of stairs.
Garages: 1 (4 cars)
Helipad: No
Stories: 1
Interior Appointments: The Safehouse to the Hasbury is located a few stories up from the ground floor, as viewed from the exterior. After going up a small set of stairs, the player is in the living room of the house, which futures a big living room complete with two big sofas, a coffee table and a big television. Connecting to the living room is the kitchen where the player can access the save point. Also connected to the living room (to the left after entering the safehouse) is a hallway which contains a bathroom, several bedrooms and a wardrobe.
Previous Possessor: Unknown
Info: Has 2 leathered sofas and a big TV (unusable)