Helitours Maverick

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File:Helitours Maverick (GTA4) (front).jpg
A Helitours Maverick on a guided tour.

The Helitours Maverick is a tour helicopter adapted from a Maverick in Grand Theft Auto IV, which is based on the wp:Bell 407. It is owned and run by Higgins Helitours, a company based in southern Algonquin. The Helitours Maverick is distinct only in that it is emblazoned with the company's logo. With this vehicle, the player has the option of either taking a guided tour of Liberty City for a fee, or simply stealing the helicopter for personal use.

A Helitours Maverick can be seen taking off at Firefly Beach, Broker or at the Helitours base in Castle Gardens, Algonquin. Usually it can be heard or seen flying around parts of Liberty City, however if the player shoots it down with an RPG they will receive a 4 star wanted level.