Hellenbach GT

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The Hellenbach GT, as depicted in GTA Liberty City Stories.

The Hellenbach GT is a beat-up muscle car found in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Despite its looks, distinguished by its different colored panels, it is quite a fast car and has great handling, unlike what you’d expect from a car of this age. It resembles a 1967-1970 Mercury Cougar, except for minor differences like the single headlights and added turn signals, and the sides are closer to a 1972 Ford Torino. The Hellenbach has an extreme high top speed, and beats the Banshee and Cheetah on top speed. It also has better handling, and can take a bit more beating. It has one drawback, and that is that its very easy to tip over to the roof.

How to get the car

The car can first be found in the mission Snuff. Its a reward given by JD O'Toole after you have killed a Sindacco leader. It will be taken to the Pay'n'Spray where it will be coloured and then the car is yours. You can also get it by completing level 4 at the car salesman missions. It will be in the showroom at the car sale in Harwood. At Shoreside Vale, you can find it outside a garage when you are closing in to place with all the houses. It wont always be there, sometimes there will be a Cheetah or maybe a Banshee.


This is the first and fastest ‘beat-up’ car outside of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In GTA San Andreas, the Clover and the Tampa also have different colored replacement panels.