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Recent Edits is a special page which tracks the most recent changes made on articles belonging to Grand Theft Wiki.


  • (diff | his) . . Apple iOS‎; 16:53 . . (+72) . . Montario (talk | contribs)‎‎ (ipod and ipad images added)
  • (diff | his) . . PlayStation 1‎; 16:05 . . (+14) . . Montario (talk | contribs)‎‎ (wikipedia template)
  • (diff | his) . . PlayStation 2‎; 16:04 . . (+14) . . Montario (talk | contribs)‎‎ (wikipedia template)

What are the numbers in brackets indicating?

Contributions are determined through bytes (B) and kilobytes (KB). Green numbers with an positive symbol, eg. (+129), indicate that bytes have been added to the edited article, in other words, the editor has added content to the article. Red numbers with a negative symbol, eg. (-129), indicate that bytes have been taken away from the article, in other words, the editor has removed some content.

What are the italic words in brackets?

Most edits will have an edit summary, which informs users briefly on what actions have been executed within the edit.

What do the (diff | His) mean and how are they beneficial?

'Diff' is short way of applying the words differ or differentiate. Following this link, redirects you to the revision section of the article, which allows you to compare earlier and present revisions or edits made to the selected article. It also displays the users who edited the article. 'His' is a short terminology for history. This link, if clicked, redirects you to the article's page history which shows you in chronological order, the editors of the page.