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Your User Page is your own personal page intended for the freedom of personal editing.

To access your User Page, go to your user name at the top of the page.

From there you will be able to freely edit your page, putting any content you desire as long as it is valid in Grand Theft Wiki's Policies.

Please be aware that anyone can view your User Page.


There are two possible ways to lay out your user page, you are able to switch between these two layouts at anytime, no content will be erased.

"What are the differences?"

User Profile

This page uses the standard wiki page look and format, meaning you are free from limitations to editing. On the top left corner of your user page is your avatar. You can simply change or edit your avatar by clicking on it. Immediately right to your avatar are the familiar links to your contributions and watchlist. There are also links to edit your wiki-style user page or switch to your social profile.

Social Profile

This page grants you slightly less freedom of editing, having pre-made subheadings for you to fill the information in rather than independently creating them. Subheadings include:

  • Custom Information- This gives you the option to fill in your own information concerning Grand Theft Auto.
  • Personal Information- This gives you the option to fill in more personal information, such as your identity, and rough location.
  • Other Information- A less restricted topic, giving you the option to fill in anything you want.

Like the wiki-style user profile, you have the same layout of links, leading you to other parts of your user page and your user activity.

There are more useful aspects in your user page, most generally pretty self-explanatory.

See Also

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