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The Hermes is a 1950's style car that is available on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, San Andreas and Vice City Stories. It is quite big on the outside when compared to the inside space, thus making it favourable to gangs. In GTA: Vice City, the Hermes can be seen driving around the whole city, by regular people.

There is also a gang version of the car called the Cuban Hermes. In GTA: San Andreas, this car is commonly used by the Los Santos Vagos gang in Los Santos.

It is based on a 1949-1951 Mercury Custom (explains the name). What makes this car unusual is the fact that it has front wheel drive (no American cars in the '50s had it) and it can't be blown up with a single shot.

Car Modification (GTA: San Andreas)

  • Color
  • Wheels (ten types)
  • Nitro (All)
  • Bass Boost
  • Hydraulics
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