Hidden Weapons in GTA Liberty City Stories

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There is alot of weapons hidden around in Liberty City stories, and here is a guide to help you find them.

Meele Weapons

Bat - Can be found at you safehouse, regardless of how many Hidden Packages you've found, or at Hogs'n' Cogs.

Meat Cleaver - Can be found in the middle of the Chinatown Market, Portland.

Chainsaw - Can be found at the backside of the Sawmill on Portland Island.

Knife - Can be found at the top of Marco's Bistro, Portland.

Brass Knuckles - Can be found amongst the ruins of Fort Staunton.

Fireman's Axe - Can be found behind the fire-station on Portland Island.

Police Baton - Can be found on any police officer in Liberty City.

Screwdriver - Can be found in an alley near Belleville Park, Staunton Island.

Katana - Can be found in an alley in Bedfort Point, near Phil Cassidy's, Staunton Island.

Hockey Stick - Can be found near the sport's stadium in Aspatria, Staunt Island.


Pistol - Can be found on any police officer in Liberty City, and gangmembers often carry them.

Revolver - Can be found behind the signs at Francis Intl. Airport, Shoreside Vale, and inside the boat when on the mission The Portland Chainsaw Massacre


Pump-shotgun - Can be found inside any police-cruiser, atop of the mall in Portland View, Portland Island, in an alley in Bedford Point, Staunton Island, and by killing Ammu-Nation shop keepers.

Compact-Pump-Shotgun - Can be found at the big building to the east of Belleville Park, Staunton Island, or in the ruins of the warehouse at Callahan Point. Can only be found after the mission The trouble with Triads.

Auto-Shotgun - Can be found


TEC-9 - Can be found at the end of a long alley in Saint Mark's.

Micro SMG - Can be found behind a small "house" under Callahan Bridge, Portland side.

MP5-K - Can be found at a dock on Staunton Island, or it can be found at any military personal and FBI agents.

MAC-10 -

Assault Rifles

AK-47 - Can be found atop of Sex Club Seven, Red Light District, Portland Island.

M4-A1 - Can be found between to containers, near the road in Torrington, heading towards the Yakuza casino.

Sniper Rifles

Bolt-Action-Rifle - Can be found under a broken wooden bridge on Shoreside Vale.

Semi-Automatic-Rifle - Can be found at a balcony of a destroyed restaurant in Fort Staunton, Staunton Island.

Heavy Weapons

Flamethrower - Can be found a roof in Trenton, Portland Island.

RPG - Can be found under the heading from Staunton Island to Shoreside Vale, Shoreside Vale side.

Minigun - Cant be found, must be bought at Phil's.