High Dive

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High Dive is a mission in The Ballad of Gay Tony. It is given by Yusuf Amir to Luis Lopez.


In Yusuf's apartment, Yusuf will be on the phone with a business associate. Then, his father calls, and Luis suddenly realizes that all of the money, wealth and material possessions around him aren't really his, but his father's. Undeterred, Yusuf needs Luis to come along with him to somehow legitimize it. Yusuf and Luis head outside and drive to Rotterdam Tower for a meeting, then, Yusuf asks Luis to go up and scope things out. Luis then arrives at the observation decks and sees Tahir Saeed and Ahmed Khalil. Both act suspiciously and repeatedly question where Yusuf is. Suspecting something's up, Luis threatens Tahir to let him what's going on. When he doesn't spill the beans (but does imply that Luis just walked into a bad situation), Luis throws him off of the building which he falls to the ground below, killing him, while Ahmed flees. NOOSE agents starting closing in.


Chase Ahmed, while shooting both officers and NOOSE Annihilator(s). The Explosive Shotgun is best for this part of the mission. It should take at one shot to kill an officer close up, and least two at range, and three to four to down the Annihilators. Ahmed is, for some reason, heading up instead of escaping into the streets, so follow him up the ramp, stairs and 3 short ladders, wiping out anyone who gets in your way. Eventually you should get to the extremely high tower with a ladder in the middle. Start climbing. It takes about a full 30 seconds to get to the top, and it only leads to another ladder. (Beware there may be an Annihilator waiting to fire on you at the top of the first ladder.) Again start climbing after Ahmed until he reaches the very top. Finally you have Ahmed cornered on the spire, and Ahmed reveals that he and Tahir wanted to get Yusuf on wire tap for NOOSE. He also shows the Parachute he was planning to make his escape with. Luis takes the parachute and lunges at Ahmed, purposely scaring him off the building and to his death.

Ahmed is dead, but you still have a 4 star wanted level. So use your new found parachute to jump of the building to freedom. Freefall for a couple of seconds, then pull the cord to deploy the chute. Mission passed. (Note: You do NOT have to land outside the search radius, you can just freefall and land on the ground.)

Secondary objectives

Objective Description Target score
Time Time taken to complete the mission. 0:04:10
Player damage Damaged attained by the player. 50%
Headshots Number of headshots needed by the player. 6
Accuracy Amount of accuracy needed by the player. 70%
Helicopters destroyed Number of Annihilators needed to be destroyed by the player. 4
Free fall time Short length of time for free-falling. -


  • Yusif gives you a shotgun with exploding shells on the way over to the tower. Although effective at taking the choppers down, the slow rate of fire, especially when you're being attacked by NOOSE, makes it not very desirable for this mission (and useless for fulfilling the headshots requirement). Stick to other firearms for the human targets and the RPG for the choppers.