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Highways are an important aspect of transportation in the Grand Theft Auto series. They become particularly important in the large-scale maps of later versions, in particular Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In general, highways are multiple-lane, non-stop modes of ground transportation for traveling long distances. While many highways remain unnamed, some are given specific designations. For instance, the Julius Thruway in Las Venturas, San Andreas is given a formal designation, while other major highways throughout the map are not.

In general, highways are interconnected, and provide smooth transitions from one region of the map to another without stopping. However, some highways are limited in their service and in the intersections they make with other major roads, and may not provide a more rapid alternative to smaller roads. Highways do, however, provide a much more rapid pace on a lrger scale than small roads, allowing for greater speeds and more room for maneuvering.

A sign admonishing against speeding on a highway in Los Santos