Home Sweet Home

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Home Sweet Home is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by Vincenzo Cilli. The mission is triggered automatically at the start of the game, following the opening introduction.


The mission begins after Toni, who had just returned to Liberty City, and Vincenzo leave Salvatore Leone's Gentlemen's club. Vincenzo tells Toni to drive to the new apartment he has rented for him and then to take him to his warehouse in Atlantic Quays. After the drive to the apartment, Toni enters and changes into a new set of clothes. Toni then drives Vincenzo to his warehouse, with Vincenzo reminding him that he is the boss.


Vincenzo Cilli: I've got you a nice little place to stay, Toni. It's got you written all over it. We'll head their first.

Toni Cipriani: You're all heart.

(Toni drives Vincenzo to the home, which is in Saint Marks, Portland Island).

Vincenzo Cilli: This is it, Toni. 'Home sweet home'. Beautiful, ain't she?

Toni Cipriani: This shit hole is supposed to be my home?

Vincenzo Cilli: Oh! I think it's very you. Now you're disrespecting old Vincenzo. Now, tough guy, get your ass upstairs and go put on some decent clothes. I don't got all day, so move.

(Toni enters his new home and changes clothes, before re-entering Vincenzo's car).

Vincenzo Cilli: Now take me to my place.

(Toni drives Vincenzo to his place in Atlantic Quays, also on Portland Island).

Vincenzo Cilli: Hey, apartments cost money Toni. Just you remember who pays the bills around here. ME! Daddy Vincenzo over here. So, from now on, you work for me. So, I better see you back here real soon.


Completion of the mission opens up the free roam gameplay outside of the mission for the first time. The mission Slacker, also for Vincenzo, is unlocked. The Casual Clothes outfit and Leone's Suit outfit are both unlocked in the wardrobe of the apartment in Saint Marks. The monetary reward for the mission is $100.

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