Honkers Gentlemen's Club

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Honkers gentlemans club in Alderney.

Honkers is a strip club located in Tudor, Alderney, on the corner of Tinderbox Ave. and Julin Ave. It was owned by Pegorino Boss, Jimmy Pegorino, and operated by Pegorino associate Phil Bell.

The club bears a resemblance to Satin Dolls, a strip club located in Lodi, New Jersey, which was featured in The Sopranos as The Bada Bing! strip club. The name bears similarity to the Hooters restaurant chain. The Logo itself bares significant resemblance to the "Honker Burger" logo from the "Doug" Television show, as noted here.

Honkers, as well as the Triangle Club, is a place for an activity that can be done with any of Niko's friends. Some of the girls in the game also like going to the strip clubs.

Honkers is significantly smaller than the Triangle Club.