Hoods Rumpo XL

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A souped up version of the Rumpo found in Grand Theft Auto III and Liberty City Stories. It is the prime vehicle of the Southside Hoods, and can only be found in Shoreside Vale around Wichita Gardens. The Hoods Rumpo XL handles okay and once it picks up speed, the van can go pretty fast. The acceleration is faster than the normal Rumpo, but strangely it is 10 km/h slower at top speed. It is also all wheel drive and can easily drive up steep hills like the one near the Shoreside Vale safe house. It does tend to flip over so special care should be taken that the van should avoid flipping over. Most of the Hoods Rumpo XLs have graffiti designs of the sides.

Hoods Rumpo

A similar van used by the same gang is in GTA Advance, without the XL name.