Hospital Scrubs

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Niko Bellic wearing the Hospital Scrubs in Grand Theft Auto IV.

The Hospital Scrubs is an outfit in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is the outfit worn by the doctors of Liberty City. The scrubs (as worn by doctors, nurses and orderlies in medical wards), consisting of a green shirt, a white long-sleeved undershirt, light blue slacks (identical to those worn on the Scrubs outfit), white tennis shoes (identical to those sold at Modo), a stethoscope around the neck, and a nametag bearing Niko Bellic's headshot.

The outfit can be obtained by the player, but it is only avaliable in the mission Flatline, but only if the player takes the outfit from the hospital dressing room.

Role in Missions

In the mission Flatline, under orders from Pegorino Family Don Jimmy Pegorino, Niko Bellic goes to the Westdyke Memorial Hospital in order to silence Anthony Corrado, who was found out to have been feeding Pegorino Family information to the authorities. During the mission, the player can enter the hosptial's dressing room to obtain and don the outfit, however, it is not conpulsory to do so, allowing them to disguise as a hospital staff member. Those who opt not to take it will have to tend to more police attention, in addition to not obtaining the outfit.