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Liberty City


Sweeney General Hospital, Portland View

"Catering since 1897"

Staunton Island

Carson General Hospital, Rockford

"Estated 1973 - Because Health is Liberty"

Shoreside Vale

Hope Medical College, Pike Creek

"Practising Medicine for some Time now"

  • 2 Health items in front of the northern side entrance
  • Ambulances, most of the time on the ground (sometimes locked)
  • V8 Ghost of the senior consultant in front of the building

Vice City

Schuman Health Care Center, Downtown

  • Health item in the courtyard behind the stairs
  • Ambulances, most of the time on the ground
  • Hidden Package at the down leading ramp just turn the corner right (only in VC).

Shady Palms Hospital, Vice Point

West Haven Community Health Center, Little Havana

  • Health item just left of the entrance
  • Ambulance, most of the time on the ground
  • Granades behind the building on the basketball court (only in VC).