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Hospitals are locations in the Grand Theft Auto series where the protagonist re-spawns after being killed. Each hospital services a particular area of the game's map. The fee for hospital service depends on the game. Hospitals also provide health pickups and often have parked ambulances.

Liberty City - GTA III era

Portland Island

Sweeney General Hospital, Portland View "Catering since 1897"

Staunton Island

Carson General Hospital, Rockford "Established 1973 - Because Health is Liberty"

Shoreside Vale

Hope Medical College, Pike Creek "Practicing Medicine for some Time now"

Vice City

Schuman Health Care Center, Downtown

Shady Palms Hospital, Vice Point

West Haven Community Health Center, Little Havana

  • Health item just left of the entrance
  • Ambulance, most of the time on the ground
  • Grenade behind the building on the basketball court (only in GTA Vice City).

San Andreas

Liberty City - GTA IV

Click for map of hospitals in GTA IV